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Zhiry is 90% artist and 10% gamer. It was once the other way around but on special days you can still find her with a Gameboy™, NDS™ or behind the Nintendo 64™ console.

Game inspired
Zhiry is busy nowadays making and creating stuff and being all crafty in real life. This Bigcartel is a little silly shop with all Zhiry's little silly handmade merchandise like the crochet crowns and the Runescape™ 120-skillcapes are sold here.

The crochet crowns are made with 100% acrylic wool and the Runescape™ 120-skillcapes with 100% cotton yarn with polyester felt.
Zhiry's crochet crowns were inspired by the Dutch holiday King's Day  where she made a few of these crowns for herself and others to celebrate the holiday.
Someone told me these crowns look like the infamous valuable party hats at MMORPG Runescape™ and she agrees and being inspired by the Dutch holiday and the phats of RS - Zhiry's crochet crowns are now available in many colors!

"Always wear your invisible crown!"

Zhiry is also happy to receive any special requests such as different colors or wool - feel free to drop a note!

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